Human hygene is weird

Our humans give us a hard time ALOT. You can't step on the Kitchen counter EVER.

A sharp spritz from a water bottle will surely scare the heap out of you. It makes both of us SO mad at times but thank goodness we have 10 hours free time during the day when they wont bother us.
We sneak around one way or another....

The Sink:
It's clean and the water flows ......................
He used your toothbrush!!! Thats just gross.


Cat and Dog Scarfs

Check it out!. My human is very much into knitting and made some pet inspired scarfs (of course only human wearable). Aren't they cute ? Doesn't this one look just like me?
I don't understand why there HAD to be a DOG scarf too ( sincerely, The Cats)


Cat Wigs

This is actually for real! Kitty Wigs.
A coworker of mine gave this link. Isn't this a hoot!!????

Link to the Kitty Wig Website

New Years Resolution

Cat Comfort,

This my MRS human preferably at 9 PM but usually around 10PM. Paw, paw and paw zzzzzzzzz

Cats Christmas Real Dream

Ok, I've been living here for a year now and finally decided to step on and lay on my adopted human. He is actually quite soft and he doesn't mind my heavy nonstop pawing on the upper chest unlike the MRS HUMAN in the house!!!

I think he thinks I am some sort of trophy football he looks so happy....he better be veeery careful.....
I am loved too
How can anyone not love you.I sleep in peace every day
Thats right and everyone can scratch my tail on thatMake your own Cat:
Yellow, orange or green cat eyes for plush dolls are sold here - 12 -21 mm
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I like food treats, be let in and out 3249825709456 a day and a cat pillow.


Interview of a Cat: Humans

Humans have three primary functions: to feed us, to play with and give attention to us, and to clean the litter box. It is important to maintain one's Dignity when around humans so that they will not forget who is the master of the house.

One way to keep your human healthy is through agility training. You can do this by running ahead of your human, maintaining a distance of about one and a half of the human's paces, and suddenly stopping to clean yourself. If the human doesn't trip over or boot you (a very real hazard, especially from beginner humans), s/he is fit and able to avoid all sorts of danger in his/her world. A bonus from this exercise is that the sight of the human will be very amusing and you can share the experience with your friends on the back fence. Another form of exercise can be imposed by sitting just out of reach of the human when he/she wants to pet you, so that he/she has to get up and move over. When you are being brushed, don't sit still for it, but move arould all over the place, forcing the human to follow you around or else pick you up and hold you. And of course there's the Big Chase when you steal something like a chicken leg.

If you are scolded for any reason, however (un)justly, fix upon your human your most forlorn and repentent gaze. This will induce such guilt and remorse in that human that she will immediately scoop you up and cuddle you, apologize profusely and offer you a favorite treat.

Occasionally, human ignorance demands a blunt response. If your humans have the gall to "discipline" you with a squirt bottle, the proper strategy is to abscond with the offending item when no one is looking, and hide it behind the couch or at the back of the most cluttered closet. Many months later the fools will stumble over it, but they will get the message.

Things we do in September

Looking good!

16 hours a Day sleep is a must!

Pet me!

Working in the Garden!

Playing Cowboy (or Frogboy)

We must never forget FOOD!


Cat Butt Museum

Who would have thought! Check out this interesting website The Cat Butt Museum.

Everday Chores

Watch other Cat


Look Good

One Helluva Party

I only drink Faucet Water

Hanging out on the Beach

Guarding the House

Wrapping Stuff

Change Position

Avoiding Eye Contact

Changing Position